Free Cable Burn-In Service Option Using The Nordost Vidar Machine

Please Note: We are unable to burn-in cables with stripped bare ends or BFA plugs. Cables are burnt-in for the selected time period AFTER your order has been processed. Custom-length cables are burnt-in for the selected time period AFTER they have been terminated by the manufacturer or our engineers. 

Our cable burn-in service is a non-chargeable service and is provided by Future Shop at its discretion. We will attempt to fulfill all burn-in requests for the specified time periods. However, during extremely busy periods, we regret we may not be able to meet the demand for all requests due to the limited connections available on the Nordost Vidar cable conditioning machines.

We are pleased to offer a free cable burn-in service for this cable when purchased through Future Shop. The Nordost VIDAR cable burn-in machine combines three distinct functions all in one operation:

  • - It neutralises charges that build up around the cables and the insulation
  • - It provides a very wide band and deep conditioning into the conductor core, which produces changes in the way signals pass through the metal.
  • - It ultrasonically conditions the surface of the conductors.


Nordost Vidar Burn-in Machine


The VIDAR uses a proprietary combination of composite and complex signals to condition the cables. Parts of the signal oscillate at ultra-low frequencies, while other parts are in ultra-high ranges which extend beyond the range of video frequencies. The signal bounces in a ping-pong ball-like fashion from one end of the cable to the other. During the burn-in process, ultra-low frequencies penetrate deep into the core of the cable. The ultra-high frequencies zip along the surface. This method of signal transmission is set up to beat harmonics, or heterodynes, between the two complex waveforms. In the digital domain, this would be referred to as aliasing products. These beat frequencies penetrate all layers of the cable. 

The design of the circuitry also has a unique feature which drives electrons above the conductor into the dielectric (or insulation) area. The VIDAR not only sends ping pong signals along the cable, but it also sends a similar signal from the centre core to the outer shield in the case of interconnect cables. This function neutralises the electrical charges discussed above.


So, what does that all mean to me?

The end result of conditioning cables with the Nordost VIDAR is, improved sound staging, increased detail, and an overall more musical presentation.